Market CSA

Eric and Hannah at Market

We at Plato Dale Farm love our farmer’s markets and find it to be one of the best ways for our community to get sustainable products in great variety. Plato Dale Farm offers a market based CSA that allows both the benefits of CSA membership through a CSA buy down account and going to the farmer’s market.

We attend the Elmwood-Bidwell Market and the Williamsville Farmer’s Market. Saturdays 8-1. Mid May through November.

Purchase a $345 Plato Dale Market CSA account for $300, a 15% savings.

Purchase a $600 Plato Dale Market CSA account for $500, a 20% savings.

These can be purchased in the square store or by check. Please send checks to the office at Plato Dale Farm, 6009 Curriers Rd, Arcade NY 14009. Please include Name, Email Address, Phone number and Address.

The CSA account can be used to purchase any Plato Dale market offering. At market we offer eggs, poultry, beef cuts, vegetables, herbs and specials. The CSA account is designed to let you choose what you want, when you want it. The money can be carried over season to season, get as little or as much as you want from our market stall and enjoy the market while you are there.