Plato Dale Farm is located at 5401 Curriers Rd.  The farmstead is a gift for all the wonderful things it provides for us.  We love to share the bounty with our friends and customers.  We manage our crops and animals sustainably.

Grassfed Jersey and Jersey Cross Beef

Plato Dale Farm raises grassfed Jersey and Jersey cross steers for beef.   In the summer, our steers and calves are on pasture.  In the winter, they have access to the barn, a bedded stall, good quality haylage and salt.  We love our animals and they are cared for the best we know how.  Very high quality grass pasture and grass haylage yields the best quality meats.  Cows are made for grass!  Plato Dale Farm’s Grassfed meats are tender, juicy and FLAVORFUL!!  There is nothing like our Grassfed Jersey Beef!!

You can get order our Beef Boxes right from our website or click on the link below to fill out an order form.

Link: Meat Boxes

Organic Pastured Chickens

We raise several batches of pastured chickens in the summer.  Plato Dale chicken is processed at our own facility and are frozen immediately to give you the best quality chicken.  We feed only certified organic grains from Lakeview Organic Grains.  No manufactured additives, antibiotics or pesticides, just wholesome organic grains.  After three to four weeks in a brooder they are moved to our chicken pasture where they have access to fresh green pasture daily while in our chicken tractors.  The pasture provides an unparalleled environment and food selection that is critical to a high quality chicken.


We grow our vegetables without the use of toxic pesticides and poisons. Crop rotation, beneficial insects, row covers and companion planting are key components in growing our vegetables. Our field is managed with a living mulch system along with plastic mulch and covered beds.  This system is very productive, allows for about 1/3 of the land to be fallow every year and uses a minimum of water.  The plastic reduces the amount of weeding to be done, raises the soil temperatures, and allows for a hoop and cover system that keeps pests at bay. A greenhouse and two high tunnels are used to start our transplants and grow a few things through the winter.

Welcome to the adventure!

We are constantly challenging ourselves to discover ways to produce healthier food for you and we welcome your feedback.