Home Delivery CSA

2023 Home Delivery CSA with free delivery

Our 2023 Season has sold out.

We will deliver the selected shares to your door with free home delivery.  For farm pick up shares see the market/custom order CSA page.

Big Box Produce Share:  20 weekly or 10 bi-weekly deliveries

Our free home delivery CSA program includes free weekly or bi-weekly delivery of our produce.  This is our best value with free home delivery.

Our Big Box Bushel of produce is filled  with at least 10 bunches or quarts of vegetables.  Early season shares will be heavier on greens and early season crops.  Mid and late season will be full of main season crops that everyone loves.  A list of crops in our plan is :here.  We do have crop failures from time to time that can impact availability.

When stored correctly, the produce will last for at least 2 weeks.  Late in the season the storage crops can be stockpiled for ongoing use.

We have our custom order home delivery CSA available in off season months.