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Orders due Monday 8:00 am for Bi-Weekly Wednesday deliveries.

Delivery Dates: Limited Orders for 3/13 Vegetables, Fruit, Meats and premade items (Kent and Jenny on Vacation), 3/27, 4/10, 4/24, 5/8, 5/22. Free home delivery for orders over $100, $15 delivery charge for orders under $100. We do not look at orders until we print them on Monday mornings and don’t produce or pack things until Tuesday, so farm pickups won’t be available until Wednesdays of delivery week. Thanks!!
This beef offering is a special fundraiser for repairing the barn roof and to celebrate the best beef in the world. Please keep scrolling if you are looking for our regular beef offerings. Please read the associated description of Geode and The Best Beef in the World.

-We will take jar returns

Summer Honey has light, bright flavors

Fall Honey is creamy and rich, with butterscotch notes

-We will take jar returns
We use organic ingredients whenever possible. Our apples are from Cornerstone Orchard or Senek Orchard.